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Driving is a serious activity that demands responsibility

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We are the #1 driving school serving the Gaithersburg, MD and broader Montgomery County community. We offer affordable behind-the-wheel and ONLINE classroom education for teens and adults.



  • You may have been assigned to the Driver Improvement Program (DIP) by the MVA, Courts, or an Administrative Law Judge.
  • You may have received your first moving violation while holding a provisional license.
  • You may be suspended or revoked – and need the Driver Improvement Program (DIP) to get your suspension lifted or to get reinstated.
  • If you are revoked, you will need to complete the program as part of your reinstatement process. You will not have a referral letter telling you to complete the program by a certain date.
  • In all of the other instances concerning an MVA referral letter, you will need to complete the program by the Completion Date (Due Date) listed on the top of your letter or you will be suspended until you successfully finish the program.

How much does the course cost and how do I pay for it?

The cost of the Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

  • $90 for in class enrollment

How do I register for this course?

Call for next class schedule at 301-869-9654 or 240-499-2820.

What do I need to bring to the class?

  • If you are completing this class as a Maryland requirement, you must bring a MVA letter or something showing your Maryland license number. Without your Maryland license number, we will not inform the MVA of your completion.
  • Anyone is welcome to complete the class.
  • Your form of payment. Processing fees may apply.
  • Photo ID- ( passport, non-driver’s I.D…)

I do not have my MVA referral letter. Can I still complete the DIP class? Yes. All are welcome to take the class. If you are taking this class as a Maryland requirement and want us to notify the MVA of your completion then you must bring your MVA referral letter or something that has your Maryland license number listed.