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Our driving packages help new or inexperienced drivers earn a driver’s license


We are the #1 driving school serving the Gaithersburg, MD and broader Montgomery County community. We offer affordable behind-the-wheel and ONLINE classroom education for teens and adults.

We offer the best prices in Montgomery County and the Gaithersburg, Maryland area.

36 hours Drivers Ed — including 6 hrs in-car$350
16 hours practice with MVA test and retakes$1,200
14 hr practice and MVA test$1000
2 hr practice$130
Road test$150
Driver Improvement$100
Safe and Sober$100
Custom Package — Enter Amount Discussed with Mrs. Betty

*Our specials are available to students who contact us to book in the office. Please call us today for the discount, and get ready to drive safely!

Note: 3% PayPal Fee added to all packages